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For Profit: Witness the Exploitation of the American Student

Months into his job as an admissions counselor at a for-profit college somewhere in the Midwest, Aaron Calafato began to grow increasingly conflicted. Responding to the college's pressure, he says, he was signing up poorly prepared students for expensive degree programs that would leave them heavily in debt, all so he could make sure he himself had money he needed to keep paying off his own student loans.

Aaron Calafato's FOR PROFIT is an inside look at the For Profit educational industry, the 1 trillion dollar student debt crisis, and a vibrant portrayal of the exploitation of the American student.

FOR PROFIT  made its New York City premiere at the Seeing Place Theater on March 2012. It has been staged and screened over 100 times in 20 states at Universities, Theaters, & Educational Conferences.  

What are people saying about FOR PROFIT?

"It’s a refreshing, thought provoking, and moving piece told by a true artist in an honest, 'just a guy like you and me' voice." 

​- Awaken Productions

"For Profit by Aaron Calafato is a timely, provocative, and daring piece of theatre that should not be missed. He creatively brings to light a true modern day scam. - The Karl Bury Studios NYC

“This is one of those rare works that cuts right to the heart of an issue no one wants to discuss and/or deal with”
NYC Theater Report Card

“The story is told with energy and skill. It is clear that Calafato is working passionately to use theater as a tool for the greater good.” - Theatermania

“The play blends theatrical techniques of storytelling and acting, in the tradition of the late monologist Spalding Gray”

The Chronicle of Education